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We’ve been selfish these past few weeks- diving into all sorts of activities without letting you share in the fun. Well we’re sorry and we’ll try to make it up to you. There should be plenty of opportunity what with the road trips we have planned for the next few weeks and ski season around the corner. Before we get into that, here are a few of the highlights from our autumnal adventuring!

Riding the Wave

An epic ride indeed

An epic ride indeed

On several weekends we have ventured out to “The Wave” at nearby Lake Hawea. This summer a whitewater kayak park was built on the river. Massive stone blocks have been cemented into the dam-fed waters creating two constant waves for surfing and riding. One of our flatmates has been ripping the wave on his whitewater kayak. However, Sarah and I opted for a simple, yet elegant boogie board ride. I’m not sure whether it’s more fun to get whipped across the rushing waves or to ride the white water. Though I guess I’ve never been able to stay on for much of a ride myself (5 seconds at longest maybe?). Either way it’s damn fun. You don’t even feel the 40-degree (4.5C) winds once you hit the water.

Some days the waves can really be whipping so safety first!

Who’s ready to get some gnar gnar!??

A “Great Walk”

Eliott standing on the brink of a dense beech forest, covered head to toe in moss

Eliott standing on the brink of a dense beech forest, covered head to toe in moss

New Zealand is home to some of the world’s best hiking, or tramping, trails. There are hundreds to choose from here, but only 9 are ranked as the official, “Great Walks.” We’re lucky enough to have one of these just 45 minutes from our house in nearby Glenorchy. The Great Walks are well-maintained trails that take 3-4 days to complete. You can camp out or stay in huts during your journey. Eliott and I opted for a one-day excursion on the Routeburn Track, which crosses the Southern Alps. We trekked for 5 hours, making it about a quarter of the way through the trail to the Falls Hut. The scenery was breathtaking. In the few hours that we walked we journeyed through lush, beech forest, along glacier-fed rivers with pristine blue waters, and took in views of rugged ice-capped mountains. It was without a doubt the greatest walk I’ve ever been on.

Completely untouched, natural beauty. #forgetthefilter

Completely untouched, natural beauty. #forgetthefilter

Winter Preparations

This usually involves a day spent sorting through old sweaters only to discover moths have eaten half of them. Well not this year! Instead we’ve been buying ski gear, planning road trips with family and friends, and making lots and lots of tea! The ski fields (aka mountains) will open up towards the end of June so we’ve been buying up some second-hand gear (yes, we did happen to buy matching skis). We have season passes for The Remarkables Mountain, which is just 45 minutes from Queenstown. It’s been a cold autumn so far and word on the street is that we’re bound for a good season this year. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

The snow is starting to collect up on the Reamrks

The snow is starting to collect up on the Remarks

Eliott’s dad and sister have just joined us for a 3-week trip and shortly after they leave my friends from college, Kate and Bart, will be visiting for another few weeks. So we’re taking the next month to double back on our previous road trips and fit in all of the stops that we missed before. We’ll be going top to bottom, from Auckland all the way down to the Catlins and Stewart Island! Many stories and pictures to come…

Helmets may need to be worn for a majority of this trip

Helmets may need to be worn for a majority of this trip

Lastly, I mention all the tea we’ve been drinking because it’s damn cold in this house! Insulation is a newfound phenomenon here in New Zealand so many houses are built without it; ours was definitely one of them. After almost 12 months straight of 60+ degree weather our bodies are having quite a time adjusting to the winter, but not to worry we’re hardening up one cup of tea at a time!

Oh the places we'll go!

Oh the places we’ll go!



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