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Before we jump headstrong into Wellington we thought we’d share our thoughts on Auckland. We were only in town for a week, so our impressions were probably a bit skewed, but nonetheless here they are. Hopefully it’ll provide a bit of perspective for our adventures in the capitol.


  • Queen Street: Have you ever heard a New Yorker rave about Times Square? Then you get the idea, I don’t think many Aucklanders go off about Queen St either
  • Ponsonby Shopping: Was actually amazing (think Urban Outfitters but the clothes are actually from local and vintage shops) but I’m giving it a Rain because I wasn’t able to buy anything and the temptation was cruel #poverty #backpacking

Tempting windows. Heavy bags



  • Happy Hours: Fatboy Fridays and $5 drinks at bars all around Ponsonby, and even one downtown, made drinking an easy choice
  • Ponsonby Cuisine: Plenty of variety and again some good deals meant we dined like kings
  • Gallery & Museum: Well you guys read about these already, and if you didn’t- caught ya! Here’s your second chance
  • Hostel Mates: Cool locals and visiting Aussies made our hostel feel like a college dorm- pre-gaming, movie nights, and all
  • Hostel Gossip: For as many cool people, there were a few nutters as well, but they provided some good stories for dinnertime chats

Fatboy friday specials at Degree on the Viaduct



  • Corporate Auckland: Those suits look just as miserable down undah as they did in NYC
  • The Sky Tower: Rather phallic. We’re over it
  • One Tree Hill: We got lost on the bus ride over and didn’t care enough to find our way, so we figured you wouldn’t either. JFGI


A bit over the top right?



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While in Auckland Eliott and I felt we would be remiss without fitting some culture in between happy hours. So we decided to take a trip to the Art Gallery and the National Museum/War Memorial. While we found a lot of different artifacts and perspectives, but we also found some similarities to the museums back in the states. Below is a little photographic journey of the highlights along with our enlightened insights…

Similar to Eliott’s freshman year dorm right?

Perched on top of a grass-covered hill with views of the city this massive, marble building could have been in the middle of Washington DC.

My halloween costume for this year

These Maori carvings would have sat outside houses or the marae (communal building for social and religious events). They actually represent sacred ancestors, not deities. They reminded us of the totem poles you might see in the Native American sections of our museums back home, or maybe of something you saw in your nightmares.

Click on the photo to enlarge and read the copy, it’s a riot.

This was one of our favorite pieces of the museum. We’re not sure how to describe it, but it’s basically a WWI propaganda and education poster from a New Zealand newspaper. When the UK declared war on Germany the NZ government followed suit, but it seems many New Zealanders were unsure why the Brits jumped into war in the first place (I don’t think they were alone in this). So here is a simple three-pronged explanation of the whole ordeal. This poster highlights the confusion that exists to this day around WWI, it seems most countries were saying to themselves, “wtf happened!

On our way to the dark side of the moon

And like most art galleries, Auckland’s left us speechless. That stuff’s just deep…like space.

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