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Before we jump headstrong into Wellington we thought we’d share our thoughts on Auckland. We were only in town for a week, so our impressions were probably a bit skewed, but nonetheless here they are. Hopefully it’ll provide a bit of perspective for our adventures in the capitol.


  • Queen Street: Have you ever heard a New Yorker rave about Times Square? Then you get the idea, I don’t think many Aucklanders go off about Queen St either
  • Ponsonby Shopping: Was actually amazing (think Urban Outfitters but the clothes are actually from local and vintage shops) but I’m giving it a Rain because I wasn’t able to buy anything and the temptation was cruel #poverty #backpacking

Tempting windows. Heavy bags



  • Happy Hours: Fatboy Fridays and $5 drinks at bars all around Ponsonby, and even one downtown, made drinking an easy choice
  • Ponsonby Cuisine: Plenty of variety and again some good deals meant we dined like kings
  • Gallery & Museum: Well you guys read about these already, and if you didn’t- caught ya! Here’s your second chance
  • Hostel Mates: Cool locals and visiting Aussies made our hostel feel like a college dorm- pre-gaming, movie nights, and all
  • Hostel Gossip: For as many cool people, there were a few nutters as well, but they provided some good stories for dinnertime chats

Fatboy friday specials at Degree on the Viaduct



  • Corporate Auckland: Those suits look just as miserable down undah as they did in NYC
  • The Sky Tower: Rather phallic. We’re over it
  • One Tree Hill: We got lost on the bus ride over and didn’t care enough to find our way, so we figured you wouldn’t either. JFGI


A bit over the top right?



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The Sky Tower lifts Auckland into the running for world’s most phallic skyline (sorry, Paris)

Situated 2km west of Auckland’s CBD, Ponsonby is a hip suburb that enjoys proximity to the city’s action while offering enough distance to avoid urban claustrophobia. Multiple bus routes offer easy access to downtown Auckland for $1.90. Cabs are plentiful but unnecessary.

Ponsonby’s 6,000 residents are mostly young families and retired urbanites. There is a strong communal bond on display in bars and restaurants that make it easy to see why kiwis settle here. As innocent eavesdroppers, we’ve observed neighborly conversations that extend well beyond the realm of small talk.

On a sunny day it’s nice to take a stroll or pack a picnic to enjoy in one of Ponsonby’s well-kept parks. School holiday is in full swing right now and the playgrounds are alive with rugrats enjoying their freedom. The playgrounds, by the way, trump any we’ve come across in the States. We think that can be attributed to the one thing they have that we don’t: ZIPLINES!!!

In Ponsonby the dream is a reality.  In the US it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen

The main drag, Ponsoby Road, is known for its upscale shopping and dining establishments. Three Lamps is a particularly nice retail center at the north end of the suburb (where our visits have been strictly limited to window shopping).

Despite the ritzy reputation, there are plenty of deals to be found. The Belgium Beer Café offers bottomless mussels with a free beer for $20. On Monday, we had dinner at Bolliwood, a cliché but delicious restaurant on par with all the Indian eateries we tried in New York. They serve up $10 entrees Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and they don’t skimp with the portions. Although we’ve made a point of eating in, we’re happy to venture out if the price is right.

Next stop: Gisborne.

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